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Founded in 1999, Speke Klein is a Swiss-Canadian furniture company built upon an eighteen year partnership and a shared passion for quality and design. Robin Speke and Thomas Klein first met while studying at England’s Parnham College; internationally regarded for its prestigious furniture and woodworking program, producing such lauded alumni as Konstantin Grcic and Viscount David Linley.

Today, Speke Klein is a team of dedicated furniture makers crafting timeless designs from North American hardwoods that are intended to last for generations. Each item in the Speke Klein collection is developed and built around the principles that first brought the partners together; a distinctly modern approach to design, and an attention to details, materials, craftsmanship and technique.

We are pleased to offer our showrooms and customers a continually evolving furniture collection comprised of our own designs as well as the work of international designers. Our award-winning collection has been featured widely in the international press, and exhibited in the United Kingdom, USA and Canada.


Speke Klein's Company Vision


Speke Klein aims to be the company that people think about for solid wood - beautiful design, excellent quality, and intricate and complex fabrication.

    Speke Klein's Mission Statement  

Everything that Speke Klein does is approached with the highest level of integrity - from our close relationship with customers and suppliers, our principles of clear, functional modern design, and our precision and high quality craftsmanship.

We work closely with our customers to listen to their needs, interpret and translate their desires, and deliver a final product that rises above their expectations.

    Our Collection  

Pragmatism, traditional craftsmanship and a distinctly modern approach to design inform Speke Klein's style.

Comprised of our own designs as well as the work of international furniture designers, each piece in our collection is representative of the Speke Klein promise of quality: simple but elegant design, superior materials and meticulous attention to detail. Equally suitable for residential or public spaces, we are able to adapt our designs to your requirements.

    About Speke Klein's Quality  

Quality emerges from a high degree of attention to details, materials, craftsmanship and technique. For instance, the inside of a typical Speke Klein cabinet drawer, with its beautiful dovetailed joints, is every bit as important and carefully conceived as the outside of a cabinet. Speke Klein furniture products are designed to last for many generations, and apply the finest modern production methods together with time-tested traditional techniques of wood joinery that include finger jointing, mortise and tenon, and dovetailing.

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