Wood Care & Maintenance


Please be aware that wood is a natural material. As such, colour and grain will vary from piece to piece. All woods will darken naturally and gradually over time and the degree to which this happens is largely dependent on exposure to direct sunlight. Caution should be used when leaving objects on wood surfaces for an extended period of time when they are first received. Exposure to sunlight may leave a temporary shadow as the furniture ages. Moving objects around so all wood surfaces are exposed to light will help the surface colour even out gradually. 


Everyday Care

Speke Klein's furniture needs no regular maintenance except to be dusted, or wiped down with a damp cloth, and immediately dried off with a soft cloth, as required. A small amount of liquid soap can be added to the dampened cloth for more thorough cleaning. Please do not use any strong chemical or abrasive cleaners on wood surfaces. Any liquid spills should be wiped and dried as soon as possible. Moisture left on the wood surfaces for prolonged periods could damage the finish. 



Speke Klein's hand-rubbed oil finish penetrates the wood surface enhancing colour and grain. It does not seal the surface in the same way that the lacquer finish does. It is very important that liquid spills on an oiled finish be wiped up as soon as possible, as liquids may seep into the wood pores and leave a mark. 


The beauty of a hand-rubbed oil finish is that it can be touched up as required. Small scuffs may be buffed out with fine sandpaper and a fresh coat of oil can be applied to renew the finish. From time to time, you may want to completely re-oil your furniture to restore the warmth and luster of the surface. Touch-up kits can be purchased from Speke Klein for this purpose. 

Humidity Levels

Wood is very susceptible to changes in the humidity of its environment, which causes it to expand and shrink. Although Speke Klein takes the utmost care in constructing your furniture to accommodate this natural movement, please note that the optimum relative humidity level for its environment is 50-55%. Maintaining an even humidity level throughout the year will help to extend the life of your wood furniture.

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