Wood is a natural organic material and there is significant beauty in its inherent colour and grain variation. Because of wood's natural character, colour and grain pattern varies from board to board, making each piece truly unique. As a result, Speke Klein is unable to guarantee that your furniture will match the colours shown below or the images of the products on the website. Please use these as a general guide only.


Some finishes are not available on all products, or may be selected as a special order. Each product page lists our recommended finishes for that individual design. Please contact us if you are uncertain about a finish.


Lacquer: Lacquer is a highly protective surface sealer. Speke Klein uses a high-performance clear matte-sheen lacquer offering excellent water-resistance.

Green Notes: Our lacquer finish is HAPs (hazardous air particles) free and has ultra low VOC (volatile organic compounds) and formaldehyde release standards (meeting European E-1 Standard).



Oil: A hand-rubbed oil finish penetrates the wood surface enhancing colour and grain. Please note that an oil finish is not as protective or durable as a lacquer finish.

Green Notes: Our European hand-rubbed oil finish has been approved by independent laboratories such as the German Institute for Biological Building Materials and meets or exceeds the most stringent VOC (volatile organic compounds) regulations in North America.



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