customer testimonials

Many thanks!!
— Candice, Santa Monica

The table arrived today and all is good! The table is absolutely amazing! You do beautiful work. Thank you so much!
— Will, OH

The Finn table came today and it is perfect and beautiful. I quite literally spent ten years scouring the planet for just the right piece and didn’t buy anything until I came across that listing for the Finn. I couldn’t be more pleased.
Thanks so much!
— Mark, Santa Barbara

We received the table yesterday and it’s perfect. Thank you so much… it’s been a pleasure dealing with you.
— Kyle, New York

We LOVE the table. It is beautiful... The craftsmanship is impressive. Thank you for all your help customizing the table for our needs... We look forward to many wonderful dinner conversations and laughter around our new table.
— Meeta, Toronto

Thanks for checking in. The table arrived just fine, and it’s beautiful! We’re thrilled. The grain of the walnut is particularly lovely—we like that your fabricator chose pieces with conspicuous graining. That subtle variegation brings a lot of richness and dimension to the piece. Our architect was also quite impressed, and will be recommending Speke Klein to other clients.

Many thanks again for all your help!
— Julie, Brooklyn

The table arrived in perfect condition about 10 days ago and we love both the looks and quality and are very happy with it. To be honest it did take us a little while to get used to how low it is, which was just lower than we had visualized, but now that we have got used to it we wouldn’t want it any other way.
— Dom, Milwaukee

I would also like to take this opportunity to tell you how much we love the table and the benches, we eat, read, craft, draw, do homework on the table, it is the centrepiece of the home, and lost count on how many ‘aaaaahs’ and ‘oooohs’ we’ve heard from friends. It has got some nicks and scratches, from kids and life I guess, and somehow I learned to live with them and even love the table more.
— Piia, Halifax

Eureka! Milan showed up promptly today and fixed the problem! Thanks again for the great service!
— Lee & Terry, Collingwood

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gorgeous!!!! Just amazing….
Received and it is fabulous…really amazing. Thank you for all your hard work!
— Douglas, Apartment Zero, VA

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