It is absolutely gorgeous!
— Renee, Vancouver

We know your environment is as unique as you are. That is why we specialize in crafting custom furniture solutions for leading interior designers, architects and discerning clients since 1999. Each piece is developed and built around the principles that first brought Speke Klein's partners together; a distinctly modern approach to design, and an attention to details, materials, craftsmanship and technique.

Speke Klein's team of dedicated makers craft timeless designs from North American hardwoods like walnut and white oak. Our furniture is equally suitable for residential and public spaces and can be customized to suit your requirements. We work together closely with our customers to listen to their needs, interpret and translate their desires, and deliver a final product that rises above their expectations.

The table is the centrepiece of the home, and I lost count on how many ‘Aaaaaahs’ and ‘Oooooohs’ we’ve heard from friends.
— Pia, Halifax